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    Cordless Power LED Rechargeable Helmet

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    -100% Brand new.
    -Built-in Lithium Battery, convenient to use.
    -Power supply: Rechargeable lithium battery, the capacity is 2200mAh
    -1+6 Leds combined with main light 1W high power LED and auxiliary lights, energy saving.
    -Main light continuous illumination 13 hours while auxiliary lights can achieve more than 40 hours
    -Small, lightweight, simple construction, easy to carry and operate.
    -Portable to carry outdoor and easy to be rechargeable by AC adaptor.
    -Water-proof and explosion-proof design: safety and higher performance
    -Li-ion battery is free-maintenance. and the material of li-ion is environmental.
    -For Outdoor Camping, Adventure, Traveling, Rock Climbing, Fishing.
    With its long hours of continuous illumination good for people working at night or in the dark.

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